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With the Stander's Operator Balance Control (OBC), you can mow hills almost as fast as level ground. To ride hills, you have to feel them - become part of the landscape and react with your whole body. The innovative Stander puts your center of gravity at your feet, not your seat. You use your weight to keep traction on the higher wheels and cross slopes at speeds no other mower can handle, so you mow faster with greater control and without switching to a walk-behind.

  • Rugged and durable with deck sizes of 32', 36', 42', 48'
  • Available in 15HP, 17HP, 19HP, (varies by model)
  • Driven from a standing position so you can shift your weight instantly to handle changing terrain
  • Mows faster than a traditional walk-behind mower with less user fatigue
  • The smaller size allows you to fit more mowers on a trailer
  • With no seat, seat belts, or arm rests, you can easily step off for a quick exit or to move debris
  • Outstanding control and handling for trim mowing

Wright provides a 2-year Limited Warranty on mowers which covers parts and labor.

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