- Model 780 - Air Drills



The Stanhay 780 drill is designed for the grower of high density crops. The slim line chassis combined with Stanhay’s high density ‘slimline’ seed hopper makes 150 mm row unit centres achievable. Coupled with Stanhay’s unique ability to plant up to 4 lines from one row unit, the Stanhay 780 drill gives the maximum planting density available and with Stanhay’s minimum seed drop height, precision placement is assured through the elimination of seeds ‘bouncing’ when dropped from greater height. As with all Stanhay drills seed discs can accommodate up to 4 lines of either pelleted, coated or raw seed. The 780 drill is air operated and landwheel driven. Standard features include a Cat 2 Headstock, 12 spacing transmission, 540 PTO shaft with over run clutch, zero pressure wheels, drag coverers and single sided chassis.

  • Designed for high density crops
  • Slimline chassis and seed hopper
  • Plant up to 4 lines from one row unit
  • Minimum seed drop height eliminates seed bounce
  • Air operated and landwheel driven

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