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STARSOL BROYEUR is a kit for the localized spraying of liquid products while the brush shredder is working on the basis of the programmed dosage. It allows to localize the treatment on the remaining vegetation of the potatoes when the shredding has been carried out.


The STARSOL BROYEUR kit is made up of:
electronic control unit Performer 530 with automatic DPAE regulation of the dosage;
speed detection system through cable for the 7 poles plug ISO 11786/ DIN 9680 of the tractor or through speed sensor or by GPS sensor ; start/stop sensor is available for trailed machines;
pumping group made up of 3-ways valve for the intake from the tank of the product to be distributed or from the equipment washing-tank; filter;variable speed diaphragm electro-pump driven by 12vdc electric motor, directly driven by the control unit (capacities from 5 to 50 l/min) and flowmeter;.
one or more splitters with hose-couplings;
plastic pipes and manometer;
one or two nozzle-holders for each row with hose coupling, anti-drip, filter, screw coupling to fit the nozzle allowing its rotation, brackets and universal fitting parts. The particular brackets and clips for the fitting allow to easily adjust the jet height and direction.;
flat or flood nozzles with wide or reduced angle to carry out the treatment on the desired area in strips or open-field>;


The STARSOL BROYEUR kit may be equipped even with tanks of different capacities, from 50 to 1800 litres, supplied with metallic frame in order to be installed in the front of the tractor or on the machine.

  • It is available the fertilizer agitation in the tank and closing valves, charging pump, lights kit and ballast.
  • It is available a frame equipped with supports and clips for the nozzle-holders, which allows a height and side adjustment In order to ease the mounting directly from the brush-shredder frame.

In the complete STARSOL BROYEUR kit two parts may be identified:

  • the tractor-parts that are control unit, pumping group and tank;
  • themachine-parts that are the splitter manometer speed sensor, nozzel-holders and nozzles.

The machine-parts of the STARSOL BROYEUR kit can be connected to the tractor-parts of the Starsol Twin or Trijet kit already used on the potato-planter requiring only to install the machine-parts on the brush-shredder. The machine-parts installed on differrent machines that distribute liquid products may be driven by the same tractor-parts.

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