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- Model T – BAND - Localized Spraying Machine



STARSOL T – BAND is a kit for the localized spraying on the rows of liquid insecticide, pesticide or other liquid products on the basis of the programmed dosage. It allows the liquid product spraying at the same time of the main operation and is mainly installed on seeders or transplanters, and other kinds of machines.


The STARSOL T – BAND kit is made up of:

  • electronic control unitPerformer 530withautomatic DPAE regulationof the dosage;
  • speed detection systemthrough cable for the7 poles plugISO 11786/ DIN 9680 of the tractor or throughspeed sensoror byGPS sensor; start/stop sensor is available for trailed machines;
  • Pumping groupmade up of3-ways valvefor the intake from the tank of the product to be distributed or from the equipment washing-tank;filter;variable speeddiaphragm electro-pumpdriven by 12vdc electric motor, directly driven by the control unit (capacities from 5 to 50 l/min) andflowmeter;.
  • one or moresplitterswith hose-couplings;
  • plasticpipesandmanometer;
  • reduced-bulk nozzle-holderswith hose coupling, screw coupling to fit the nozzle allowing its rotation, brackets anduniversal fitting partswhich allow an easy adjustment of the distance from the soil;
  • flat nozzles with reduced angleto concentrate the treatment in the desired area.


The STARSOL T – BANDkit may be equipped even with tanksof different capacities, from 50 to 1800 litres, supplied with metallic frame in order to be installed in the front of the tractor or on the machine.
It is available the fertilizer agitation in the tank and closing valves, charging pump, lights kit and ballast.


In the complete STARSOL T – BAND kit two parts may be identified:

  • thetractor-partsthat are control unit, pumping group and tank;
  • themachine-partsthat are the splitter, manometer, speed sensor, nozze-holders and nozzles.
  • The machine-partsinstalled on differrent machinesthat use liquid products distribution may be driven by thesame tractor-parts.

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