Stationary Bins


The stationary bins, manufactured by Trinity Trailer Mfg., have demonstrated their value as surge control bins for mixing or blending products, sorting product sizing and for short term storage of virtually any loose commodity.The design concept of the Trinity Stationary Bin incorporates the proven design of the “Eagle Bridge” conveyor floor trailer for its rugged performance and low maintenance reliability.  The bin offers easy operation and the ability to quickly unload product into a cross feed conveyor.  It is available in the same various sizes, heights, lengths and capacities that are offered in the Trinity Trailer line.

The bin is built on the same production line as the trailer with the deletion of the suspension and running gear, lighting, king pin assembly and other equipment required for street legal vehicles.  Because the bin will not be subjected to the stresses the trailers operate in, some of the expensive frame components can be eliminated to support Trinity’s effort to produce an affordable, useful production tool.

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