- Stationary Drying System



40 million tonnes of grain per year – that’s the amount dried with STELA drying systems throughout the world. It’s an unbelievable number, the result of hard work over many years. All our expertise is focused on the complex field of drying technology. When you consider this quantity, you realise how important the energy efficiency of a system is. That’s why development is a priority for STELA – for the benefit of our customers and the environment.

  • Use of the highest quality materials
  • Dryers made of special aluminium alloy
  • Long service life No upper performance limit
  • Optimal energy saving with Bi-turbo technology, air circulation systems and heat recovery
  • Sophisticated airflow, highest possible air saturation
  • High cost-effectiveness
  • Flexible modular design
  • Dust extraction using the latest technology
  • Powerful industrial ventilators manufactured in-house
  • Optimal application and capacity utilisation with continuous operation
  • Consistent product moisture with modern discharge technology
  • Suitable for installation inside and outside
  • Single and multiple column systems, with separate operating modes if required
  • High energy saving with EQtronic and special moisture control automation
  • Guaranteed low dust emissions in accordance with the German Federal Emissions Control Act/Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control
  • TÜV-tested indirect air heater with efficiency > 90%
  • Noise protection equipment for minimum noise emissions

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