Stationary Rollermill



Today’s feeding operations are now recognizing the advantages of rolled grain. Art’s Way’s Rollermills provide you with efficient milling for top quality feed from your corn or small grains and does it with lower horsepower requirements. Rolling feed minimizes dust while providing more palatable and digestible feed for improved feed conversion. The rolls are constructed from a heavy 10 inch diameter cast iron roll which can be regrooved several times for extended life. The mill can be set by rotating a handle for quick roll setting of different particle size or changing from corn to small grains in seconds. Our proven release system will allow tramp metals to flow through the rolls and expand the opening to lessen damaging effects.

Art’s Way Rollermills are offered in 3 widths: 10, 20, or 30-inch. Available with flat or sharp grooves, the Art’s Way Rollermill can be matched to your feed processing needs by using 5, 7, 10 or 12 grooves per inch. The 20 and 30-inch Rollermills can be stacked two high for more uniform particle size allowing feed to actually be rolled to a coarse particle size and the finished rolled to a final size.

  • Tuf Cast Rolls
  • Consistent Feed Size
  • Uniform Feeding

The Art’s Way Rollermill is super strong and durable throughout. It is accurately machined and balanced fro smooth operation.

Tuf Cast Rolls with sharp or flat grooves
tuff cast rollsThe big 10-inch-diameter cast iron rolls are heat-treated to give a hard surface and a tough unbreakable core. The heavy cast iron split case makes roll replacement fast and easy.

Sharp or flat grooves give option for particle size and fracture. Art’s Way offers a roll speed differential ratio to match the Rollermill to your application, from cracked or crimped feed for cattle to ground feed for swine.

Consistency in position
consistency in positionSet the rolls and they will stay in the same position. Rolls do not spread apart when overloaded and let whole grain through. The eccentric adjustment and shear on the adjustable roll protect the mill against overloading. Roll replacement is easy with our heavy duty split cast housing design.

The cast housings are bored to exact dimensions, keeping the rolls in parallel position. The eccentric adjustment of rollers maintain a more accurate spacing than spring loaded rolls. Roll settings can be changed in seconds.

Uniform feeding of grain
uniform feeding of grainInternally, feed is agitated continually to maintain an even flow of material into the rolls. An agitator assures uniform feeding of grain into the rolls and moves through straw or other obstacles that might block grain from flowing into the hopper opening.

The magnetic grate stops tramp metal from entering the rolls.

More palatable and digestible feed
more palatable and digestible feedRolling with an Art’s Way Rollermill makes all grains more palatable and digestible by fracturing the kernels outside hull letting the digestive juices penetrate more rapidly. Consistent particle size produced with an Art’s Way Rollermill provides increased bulk allowing animals to eat more ration which better assimilates the digestible nutrients. This allows for improved feed conversion. Rolling feed reduces dust in feed.

  • 10, 20 or 30 Inch Rolls Available
  • 5, 7, 10, 12 Grooves Per Inch
  • 5 HP up to 30 HP PTO Required

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