STAVA - Stálvinnslan ehf.

- Aquaculture Grader


Gently grades live salmon, salmon smolts and trout without damaging one single scale. The five size catagories, ranging from 2 grams to 3,500 grams, can be adjusted in a matter of seconds. Grading live salmon, salmon smolts and trout maximizes profit. The STAVA AQUACULTURE grader does just that. STAVA of Iceland has introduced a high-quality stainless steel machine that meets the pressing demands of the aquaculture industry for accurate and high-volume grading of fingerlings to market-size fish. The STAVA AQUACULTURE graders are built for high capacity grading of salmon, salmon smolts and trout into as many as five size categories - carefully, so that not a single scale is damaged.

Can easily be fitted with fish pumps and counters. By knowing the exact number of fish in the rearing ponds, daily feed requirements can be precisely calculated. Not one gram goes to waste, which means considerable savings on feeding cost.

Requires only 2 sq. metres of floor space, yet the stainless steel unit can process up to four tons of fish per hour (depending on size.

Comes equipped with a variable-speed 0.5 kw motor. Repair and maintainance is minimal.

THE STAVA AQUACULTURE model design is ingeniously simple. A feeder magazine correctly positions the smaller fish first, while larger fish gently travels forward until the clearance between the belts is wide enough for them to pass through. Four elbow tubes under the belts direct the graded fish into the appropriate rearing pond.

STAVA graders are built on four decades of product development. They are durable, depandable, food-product gentle and require minimum maintainance. There are no better graders on the market.

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