STAVA - Stálvinnslan ehf.

- Multipurpose Grader


For high capacity grading of herring, mackerel, capelin, sprat, redfish and many other similar types of fish into as many as five size categories - carefully, so that not a single scale is damaged!. Grades without noice or vibration, a veritable Rolls Royce of grading mashines (try the coffee cup test - barely a ripple, or the coin test). Several machines working side by side can be simultaneously adjusted as one, in a matter of seconds.

Equipped with a variable-speed electric or hydrolic motor. Repair and maintainance is minimal.

Requires only 4 sq. metres of floor space, yet the stainless steel unit can process up to 8.000 kg. per channel of large herring or mackerel per hour!

Has been in operation for years in the fishing industry in Iceland, Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Denmark, Canada, the United States, the Faroe Islands and Japan. Hundreds of satisfied customers are your assurance of quality. 

STAVA's design is ingeniously simple. An adjustable feeder plate correctly positions every fish onto the grading channels (available with one to five channels). Each grading channel has two PVC belts that travel up to 90 metres per minute.

Smaller fish is sorted first, while larger fish gently travels forward until the clearance between the belts is wide enough for them to pass through. Four chutes under the belts direct the graded fish into boxes or coneyors, on either side of the machine, with the largest size dropping over the end.

STAVA stainless steel graders are built on 40 years of product development. They are durable, dependable, food-product gentle and require a minimum of maintainance. There are no better graders available on the market.

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