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The Staycell HYBRID Insulation System is comprised of two separate layers of closed-cell spray polyurethane foam and is used to insulate ceilings and underside of roofs. The HYBRID System can be installed in occupied and unoccupied spaces and is code-compliant without thermal barriers, ignition barriers or other types of fire protective surfaces when installed in accordance with QAI Listing No. B1020 shown below.

  • Superior insulation performance
  • Controls air and moisture infiltration
  • Strengthens roofs and ceilings
  • Environmentally friendly. Utilizes EPA approved, zero-ozone depleting blowing agents and contains no VOCsBuilding Code Information

The Staycell HYBRID Insulation System is listed and labeled (drum label shown below) by Quality Auditing Institute and complies with the 2003, 2006 and 2009 editions of the International Building Code and International Residential Code based on compliance with ASTM E-84, UL 723 and NFPA 255 ratings for flame spread and smoke development and UL1715 for acceptable, large-scale fire performance. Staycell 265 can be applied at eight-inch or less thickness as the base layer when covered with minimum one-half inch thick Staycell ONE STEP 255 as the exposed surface layer to the underside of ceilings and roofs. NGC Test Report #RCB-1003.

The proportioning equipment shall be manufactured specifically for heating, mixing and spray application of polyurethane foam and be able to maintain 1:1 metering by volume with + 2% variance. All proportioners shall have adequate main heating capacity to deliver heated and pressurized materials up to 140º F. Heated hose shall be able to maintain pre-set temperatures for the full length of the hose. 2:1 ratio feeder pumps and ¾ inch supply hoses are recommended to transfer material from container to the proportioner.

Recommended equipment (contact PSI for more details):

  • Graco Reactor proportioners or equivalent set at 1:1 volume ratio
  • Graco GAP or Fusion air-purge spray gun with #2 mixing chamber
  • Graco T2 2:1 transfer pumps or equivalent

Keep containers tightly sealed and stored at 50° to 75°F. for maximum shelf life. Storage temperatures must not exceed 85°F. Do not store in direct sunlight. Open the container slowly to allow any pressure to be released before removing the bung. Keep drums tightly sealed when not in use to avoid contamination. Water, solvents or oil in the liquid components will degrade foam quality. Protect from heat, sparks and open flame. Do not cut or weld near this container. Do not smoke near container. Do not store near food or feed.

Staycell ONE STEP 255 has a shelf life of approximately three (3) months from the date of manufacture when stored in original, unopened containers between 50° to 75°F. Staycell 265 has a shelf life of approximately three (3) months from the date of manufacture when stored in original, unopened containers between 50° to 75°F. As with all industrial chemicals, these products should be stored in a covered, secure location and never in sunlight or direct sources of heat. Storage temperatures above the recommended range will shorten shelf life and may also result in elevated headspace pressure within containers.

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