- Model ST - Seed Treatment


Bio-Forge ST seed treatment produces vigorous young plants and will keep mature wheat plants alive longer for a significant improvement in yield.

  • Bio-Forge ST up-regulates key genes associated with stress:
  • -DREB1A, Catalase, Dehydrin RAB18, RD29A
  • Bio-Forge ST up-regulates genes controlling root hair growth to enhance nutrient uptake: -RLS4
  • Bio-Forge ST reduces excess ethylene from stress but leaves ethylene required for normal functioning unaffected

  • Enhances seedling emergence.
  • Ensures early root development and protection from stress on young plants, especially stress associated with cold spring soils or water logged conditions.
  • Enhances root nodulation and nodule activity in legumes.
  • Bio-Forge® ST ensures continuous new root growth for efficient nutrient uptake, especially nitrogen.
  • Bio-Forge® ST improves hormone balance for continued cellular viability
    and optimal plant functioning throughout the life of the plant.

  • Seed Treatment with 2 oz/cwt of seed
  • Compatible with most seed treatment products

Total Nitrogen (N) - 2%
2% Urea Nitrogen

Soluble Potash (K2O) - 3%

Derived from urea and potassium hydroxide

0.5% humic acid derived from leonardite ore

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