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Steam Jet Ejectors — the largest vacuum producing devices available — are used in the most demanding of applications. Virtually maintenance-free with no moving parts, they can be fabricated from almost any material, and can be used in every industry that requires vacuum. Ejectors can be designed to operate without steam as their pressurized (motive) source. In addition to operating well into the micron HgA range, they can also operate well above atmospheric pressure.

Graham has mastered Steam Ejector design. Featuring proven, unique internal geometries and tightly tolerance-controlled steam nozzle configurations, Graham ejectors produce very low steam consumption and highly efficient operation. As an experienced provider of Engineering Answers since 1936, Graham maintains the most comprehensive database of actual steam ejector performance information available today. 

Combine Graham Steam Jet Ejectors with other Graham equipment, such as Process Condensers and Liquid Ring Pumps, and you have a single source of supply and a responsible, total solution for process equipment needs.

Graham Corporation brings more than 70 years of proven experience to the application, design, and operation of ejector systems. Our experience spans a wide range of applications and markets, including systems for space simulation, high vacuum applications in metals vacuum degassing, applications involving vapor-liquid and chemical equilibrium for fertilizer plants, sophisticated process simulation applications for crude vacuum distillation, and a host of other specialized and unique services.

Graham's experience combined with the company's continuous research and development efforts in ejector efficiency translate into real advantages for customers.

Advantages of Graham Steam Jet Ejectors

  • Proven Experience
  • Single Source of Supply
  • Comprehensive Product Testing
  • Ongoing Research and Development
  • Operating Efficiency Enhancements
  • Global Technical Support

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