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- Model EX - Galvanized Steel Cages with Extra Wide Walkways



Wavemaster is the world’s leading supplier of steel cages with over 15,000 cages delivered since 1985. The cages provide an ideal platform for fish farming. Wide non-slip walkways with high free-board around all sides of the cages allow the operator full flexibility of operation and easy access from cage to cage. This is becoming essential for good fish husbandry and maintenance. The compactness and simplified mooring arrangements make Wavemaster steel cages a very attractive option for many sites. The cages provides a safe and secure support platform for your nets and are known for their high reserve buoyancy which is crucial in case of sudden excessive net loads.

In order to ensure the highest possible quality, competitive pricing and on-time deliveries, the cages and components are manufactured in many different regions. All cages are installed by professional installation teams, and serviced by professional AKVA group service technicians.

The most popular Wavemaster Cage models are the EX-1 cages in 10 x 10 m (30 x 30´), 15 x 15 m (50 x 50´) 20 x 20 m (60 x 60), 30 x 30 m (100 x 100´) and 40 x 40 m (130 x 130´).

Flexible userfriendly design
Wavemaster Steel Cages are available in a wide range of models, single- or double string systems ans sizes up to 40x40m to suit individual needs.

Wide non-slip walkways
Fully integrated and extra wide non-slip walkways, net supports and floats with self-draining top.

Safe and strong solutions
Wavemaster has a proven track record of installations on a wide range of sites and many different climates around the world, such as here in Chile.

A well proven cage concept

Wavemaster began producing steel cages in Ireland in 1985, in Canada in 1988 and in Chile in 1990, and today supplies cages to all the world markets. The large number of cages currently in use, operating under diverse wave and wind conditions world wide, has demonstrated the reliability of the Wavemaster design. Produced locally and designed to suit local markets, Wavemaster provides the most cost effective steel cages available to the industry. Steel cages are suitable for sites with moderate exposure and strong tidal currents. Combined with a global sales and service network, the Wavemaster Steel Cages are a well proven concept indeed!

Secure Floats
Two different types are available. All floats are rotationally moulded, UV stabilized PE filled with expanded polystyrene and then sealed.

Long life-span
The patented moulded rubber hinge system allows the cage structure to adapt to the wave profile, thereby reducing loads on the member.

Removeable handrails
The handrail system provides tie off points at the main walkway level. Handrails can therefore be removed while the net is tied to the posts.

Galvanized components
All cage components are hot dipped galvanized. This has proven to be the most effective and durable coating for use on fish pen structures.

Low maintenance
The upper surface incorporates sloping surfaces so that any feed or debris deposited can be washed away by wave action or water hose.

Withstands icing
Wavemaster has a proven track record with installations on a wide range of sites and in many different climates and conditions around the world.

Fork-lift truck on the walkways
Center walkways are dsigned to be solid and stable with safety rails on each sides. This gives a drivable walkway where fork-lift trucks can easily drive.

New mooring plate
Stronger mooring plates allows more lines with a better strength distribution.

Triple hinge points
For more exposed sites, a triple hinge point gives increases security and lower stress in every hinge.

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