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Steel Jack Fence



Bison Pipe and Supply Steel Jack Fence was designed to meet government needs and now available to the public.

  • Heavy-Strength Steel - Maintenance Free - No-Weld Installation
  • Permanent or Portable - One-Time Investment
  • Non-Combustible - Built in USA - CCR Certified
  • Meets Fish, Wildlife & Game Department Standards & Specs
  • Low Visual Impact - Custom Options
  • Adaptable To Any Terrain - Low Installation Costs
  • Easy to Move - Safe and Able to Install Any Time of Year

  • Riparian Recovery Areas - Spring Recovery
  • Aspen Grove Recovery Areas - Trail Management
  • Cattle Containment - Wild Horse Containment
  • Guzzler Containment - Portable Equine Containment
  • Portable Barricades - Hunting Camp Corrals
  • Portable Branding Pen - Portable Livestock Containment

In Use By:
B L M, US Fish & Wildlife Service, several Native American Tribes, State Departments of Natural Resources, and State Departments of Game & Fish Habitat, among others.

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