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Steel Portal Frame Buildings



Our engineering department manufacture a range of steel portal frame buildings suitable for any farm project. The Powerhouse range of pig housing use portal frames as the main structure then fitted with our bonded panels to complete the walls and structure. Portal frames have been used in slatted dry sow housing, farrowing, nursery and finishing projects.

Portal frames are also a main structure design for straw based buildings and we offer design and internal layout drawings for customer projects. The steel structure size is designed by our engineers according to the project requirements and after fabrication can be paint finished or galvanised.
The roof can be fitted with either big six fibre cement or our new light weight non corrosive GRP profile which can come coloured and in sheets up to 12m long. This GRP sheeting is proving a very versatile roof for the agriculture sector.
56m x 27m dry sow straw bedded house. We completed the full project including penning, feed silo, auger, manufactured and fitted all the gating and drinkers.
1000 place finisher building with bonded panels making the walls on the portal frame.
Portal frame being used on nursery 7kg-35kg and farrowing projects up to 100 crates per room. When choosing a portal frame as the main structure for your project you have a lot of options for room sizes and types. The ventilation design and system will also have a greater flexibility and options with this structure.

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