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The cage maintains the same features that the Steel Tower cage but it varies in measures and benefits adapting to new UE norm (chapter III, article 6). Adapted Specific Features to New European Norm :Nest Zone/ Hanger: 15 cm per bird/ Sand bath/ Device for nails cut.

Galvanization process with our exclusive system of immersion and ultrarapid welding (0,010 seconds). All components of the structure are totally galvanized, providing a long lasting protection against corrosion in most adverse environments (places near the sea with great saltpeter level in the air, for example) and avoiding damage during manipulation, storage, transport and installation processes. STEEL INOX. (optional)

The Only One that Offers a Leg Every One Box = Greater Rigidity
A stronger structure with galvanized sections made of a single piece without welding contact points and with one leg every 76,2 cm / 30' allowing to stack batteries of up to eight tiers with total guarantee of durability. evenlyA higher number of supporting points as compared to the rest of cages in the market makes weight distribution more.

Light Conditions and Ventilation:
The STEEL TOWER is an open cage, which allows maximum access to air and light. The partitions are made of 3mm wire, ensuring the best ventilation and light for the birds and allowing themto better find water dispenser. Improved light conditions also facilitate flock surveillance.

Sliding Door:
The sliding grates allow a comfortable manipulation of the birds. All the wires are set horizontally to allow a greater number of birds to feed at the same time.

5/ 0,8mm Troughs:
Fully galvanized. Each trough is 0,8mm thick and it has a support every 76,2 cm / 30' to allow the operator to step on it and use it as a ladder to work on the upper tiers with no risk (INSPECTION CART AVAILABLE). An inner rim avoids loss of feed and the reduced width of the bottom (3 cm / 1,18') helps birds to eat in a fixed space preventing them from selecting the grain. Plastic Has Been Eliminated From The Structure.

Cage Bottom :
It is made of 2,2mm wire and designed with a slope to allow for a smooth sliding of the egg, avoiding the risk of breakage or cracking. To achieve the necessary tension of the cagebottom there are tensing wires from end to end. The comfort of the birds is guaranteed. The floor is undulated in the middle of the row to allow for easy installing of the pipes required for manure drying systems.

Spacious Cages:
Better Laying Performance
Our cages reduce mortality and increase laying performance by forcing the birds to go back and forth from the feeding trough to the drinking line. Increasing physical exercise enhances productivity and hardens eggs-hells.

Less Assembly Time:
The new STEEL TOWER, provides a more solid structure and reduces the time required for assembly. The assembly process is quicker, simpler and it is supervised by an ARUAS engineer from the reception of the material to the completion of the project.

Easier Cleaning After the End of Each Cycle.
The exceptional features of this cage model contribute to make the cleaning and disinfecting after each bird lot cycle easier. There are no spaces, partitions or raised closed surfaces that might complicate the cleaning process. Distance between floor and first tier is 10 cm / 3,94', which makes cleaning process easier. Space between manure transport belts is completely opened. The high quality of the STEEL TOWER (100 % galvanized) allows the use of all types of disinfectants and water pressure equipment. Better Wellfare = Optimum Results.

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