- Portable soil moisture, salinity and temperature sensor



POGO is a durable, portable, rechargeable turf/soil monitoring device with integrated GPS, WiFi, and the patented HydraProbe sensor. It is ideal for golf and sports turf applications, as well as agricultural applications.

POGO is a professional, all-in-one system obtaining superior insight into course conditions, allowing better decisions to be made efficiently and cost effectively for presenting the finest conditions possible.

Apply irrigation and fertilization precisely through condition-based management. Reduce chances for turf decline and waste using visual analysis and condition audits. Create GPS mapping, IPM logging, pin sheets, customized reports and much more!

The POGO system is a holistic approach to measuring the most influential factors that ultimately determine course quality and turf performance. It’s patented sensor is unparalleled in precision and accuracy.


The POGO and app work together to capture, analyze and share the most important information to you and your operation.


The free POGO Turf Pro app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices turns your smartphone or tablet into a data acquisition and logging system that collects, displays and logs turf conditions measured by the WiFi-connected POGO.



POGO Turf Pro Cloud presents the results of multiple analyses of your data, all done instantly, automatically, and presented visually. There’s no need to interpret data or wade through numbers in a table to chart (although charts are available, and great for seeing trends). Instead, user-defined, color-coded areas layered on a real satellite map of your course give you the insight you need at a glance. There’s really nothing else like it.

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