- Model 60 Series - Axceller



Our Axceller Kit is built for Case combine rotors on all models from the 1440 to the 2388. The Axceller can be installed in the field, requiring no welding or cutting. -Unit comes balanced with only minimal static rotor rebalancing after installation is complete. -Impeller blades are ½” thick material and front hub is machined cast. -Improved feeding into rotor takes away feeder house rumble in tough and heavy condition -Increased combine capacity can be achieved in tougher conditions. -Improved fuel economy can be seen. -Lead edge is hard surfaced for maximum longevity -More even distribution of Material over concave and sieve area -Easy installation mounting to existing rotor mounts.

  • Block Rotor from sliding out by attaching come along to rotor and rear frame of combine and
  • remove front bearing, kidney and cross member
  • Remove existing impeller blades and front casting. Front casting is removed by taking out 3/4' pin and cotter key.Casting ocassionally will rust on and may need rust remover and heat to take off, Install new casting on shaft making sure to replace pin and cotte rkey.
  • Install axceller horns making sure #1 horn mounts to # 1 position on casting and # 2 horn to the #2 position on casting using loctite on all bolts & nuts 5.
  • Use 1/2 x 2 1/4' bolts at the casting with flats over slotted holes torque to 65lbs. Use 1/2 x 1 1/2' bolts at the rear torque to 65 lbs make sure all bolts are in place and nuts attached before tightening and torquing all the bolts(.Figure 1)
  • Re-install bearing, kidney and cross member. Flighting should have 1/8' to 1/4' clearance from kidney(figure 2). Adjust using existing spacers supplied with combine.
  • Run combine rotor at full speed to check for vibration and balance.
  • If there is vibration Static balance rotor to ensure balance for operation.

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