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- Model GX 12 FT - Flat Trailer



Length : 26ft to 28ft. Carry Capacity : 12,000kg. Maximum Trailer Speed : 20mph. Body : Standard width 2500mm (8’2”). Floor Bearers : 100x50 channel. Rope hook on every floor bearer. Floor : 28mm Keruing or 4mm steel. Side Rave : 125x75x8 steel angle. Chassis : 250x150 box section. Axles : Granning 90mm 8 stud, 300x135 brakes.

  • Suspension : Sprung suspension
  • Drawbar : Heavy duty 40mm hitch eye
  • Wheel Centres : 8 stud, fully welded high speed rims
  • Tyres :
    • Remould 385/65Rx22.5
    • Spray suppression flaps
  • Braking :
    • Hydraulic braking system
    • Ratchet style parking brake
  • Lighting :
    • LED commercial road lighting system
    • Connection to tractor: Removable electric coil
    • Rear stop/tail/indicator lights
    • Front marker lights
    • Side marker lights
    • Amber warning light
  • Paint : Finished with 120 microns of two pack acrylic high gloss paint
  • Optional Extras :
    • 600mm (2ft) rear harvest ladder
    • 1800mm (6ft) front and rear harvest ladders
    • Fast tow trailer fitted with air braking, ABS & LSV
    • Hydraulically operated catwalk
    • Hydraulically operated box pusher
    • Lockable plastic or stainless steel toolbox
  • Tyre Option : 435/50Rx19.5 tyres or Flotation tyres

The steel extrusions are shotblasted and primed prior to fabrication to remove mill scale and ensure a good surface for paint adhesion. The side rave is an 8mm steel angle (not pressed steel plate) for strength. A 28mm Keruing floor is standard. The standard trailer width is 2500mm (approximately 8’2”).

Axles are used well within their design capacity, not on the limit. All flat trailers are fitted with four spring suspension.

The trailers are fitted with a commercial road lighting system and the wiring is connected at waterproof junction boxes. The lights are all LED including an LED flashing warning light. There is a stalk fitted at the front of the trailer to keep electric and braking cables tidy and away from the drawbar and dirt. The electric connection to the tractor is a removable electric coil.

Trailers are finished with 120 microns of paint, applied with an electrostatic system to ensure complete coverage. The top coat is a hard wearing two pack acrylic high gloss paint.

Standard features include: 600mm headboard, ratchet style park brake, rope hooks on every floor bearer, LED commercial road lighting system with front and side marker lights, stop/tail lights and flashing warning light, rear light guards, hydraulic braking system and spray suppression flaps.

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