Butler Equipment, Inc.

Stone-Buriers and Tillers


Reconditions soil, incorporates amenities, buries stones, clods, and vegetation to leave a smooth bed of fine soil ready for planting.  Applications for this machine include sod farms, sports fields, pasture renovation, and produce farms.  Stone-buriers available in working widths from 31 inches 13 feet, and for 25 HP to 250 HP tractors.

The stone-burier at left is preparing the soil in this hothouse to be replanted with lettuce.  The remains of the previous harvest are still visible in front of the tractor.  The soil on the left was worked to a depth of about 8 inches.  The maximum working depth is 10 inches.

ACP Standard Features:

  • Four-speed Gearbox
  • PTO with 4 Friction Disks

Available Options:

  • Packer Roller (16 in. diameter shown at left)
  • Hydraulic Depth and Leveling Controls
  • Tungsten-coated Blades

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