Integrated design, supply, installation and commissioning of the grain storage bases. For the past 11 years, AGROCONSULT has specialized in the sales of silos and fodder bunkers, grain-dryers, cleaning machines, elevators, chain-conveyors, unloading and sweep augers. Our dedicated team of professionals designs and constructs grain storage bases, provides maintenance and reconstruction of flat-bottom storage buildings.

The silos that AGROCONSULT offers are fully compliant with international quality and assembly standards. The required grain moisture should be between the conventional 11% to 15%. When using active ventilation, the raw material can have 2-3 basis points higher humidity. If the grains are going to be stored in the bins for a longer time, a thermal system is required.
The silo is filled through an elevator whereas it is unloaded either through the central outlet in the floor that leads to the unloading auger or through a chain conveyor built in a tunnel under the bin. The remaining quantity of grain, usually next to the silo wall, is fed to the unloading auger by a sweep auger.

The bins are made from arched, corrugated and galvanized steel sheets. The lateral supports are also manufactured from galvanized steel. The sheets and the supports are screwed together with bolts. The roof is made from trapezoidal profiled sheets and the floor – from concrete. The silos have capacity of 240 m3 to 20 000 m3. Bins with greater capacities are also available. Their diameter ranges from 6 m to 32 m and the height – from 10 m to 30 m. Together with the full range of flat-bottomed silos, AGROCONSULT offers hopper bins with a capacity of 5 m3 to 1 500 m3.


In addition to the great range of equipment that is used to fully equip a grain base, one is not complete without the appropriate dryer. AGROCONSULT offers tower, mobile and internal models with up to six fans. The drying capacity varies between the different models and the moisture of the cereals. The combustion chamber is made from special galvanized steel. The machine has its own system for grain recirculation. The dryers can run on diesel as well as on natural gas.

In order to carry out completely the reconstruction of old grain bases and to have the ability to customize new projects, AGROCONSULT has a base in the town of Nova Zagora where it produces a wide range of steel parts such as valves, gates, chain conveyors, elevators and others.

In the same facility, AGROCONSULT has a manufacturing line for sandwich panels which are made from steel sheets with thermal insulation filling (EPS or mineral wool) and sizes, tailored to the customer needs. The main feature of the panels is the product-specific wide ribbing which provides stability and water-drainage function.

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