KMZ Industries

- Storage Bins on Hopper Silos



KMZ Industries produces the widest model range of hopper silos in Ukraine: 2 model ranges; 7 types of silos; 23 modifications of silos.  Silo capacity – 11~1,500 t of grain. Incline of hopper bottom: 45°, 55°, 62° и 65°. Silo diameter – 2.7~11 m. Diameter increment of Brice-Baker silos is 1 m, which enables the silo to fit into any layout of the site.

Galvanized Steel

Hopper silos, manufactured by KMZ Industries, are made of highly durable galvanized steel originating from Europe. It is grade S 350GD with zinc coating Zn 275, Zn 350, Zn 450, Zn 600 (according to the customer's requirements).

Safety and ease of use

For operational safety and ease of use the silos are equipped with grain high level indicators, inspection and service hatches, ergonomic ladders with handrails and safeguard bows.


Hopper silos produced by KMZ Industries, are easy and fast to assemble due to the accurate geometry of bolt connection holes and the presence of visual markers of panel thickness (BBK models).

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