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Common Sense Design, simplicity of operation, and maintenance of quality grain is what the Ezee Dry is known for. This is just what you will find in this overhead drying system and full capacity storage bin.

  1. High Volume Airflow combines with low static pressure, low temperature drying and low horsepower requirements to efficiently and safely dry grain.
  2. Few Moving parts means low maintenance. Leveling rings let gravity do all the work; no interior augers are needed.
  3. Dump Spouts dump the grain from the drying chamber to the cooling floor below. Again gravity does all the work.
  4. Horn and Pressure Switch indicate when drying chamber is full so operator can turn off fill auger.
  5. Cooling Fan recirculates hot air from cooling grain back up to the drying chamber to help dry the next batch.
  6. Cooling Floor consists of perforated steel planks supported by steel floor support legs, designed for uniform air circulation.
  7. Complete System drying bin, cooling bin and storage bin all in one.
  8. Quality Service is provided by factory trained distributors backed up by Stormor's Territory Managers.

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