Model StorOx 2.0 - Versatile Post Harvest Tool



StorOx 2.0 is a versatile post harvest tool that extends shelf life and reduces spoilage of stored crops. A chlorine alternative, StorOx 2.0 leaves no residues. Use StorOx 2.0 in all packing shed and post harvest applications to kill bacteria, fungi, and their spores, which cause premature decay.

StorOx 2.0 can be used for a wide variety of applications, including:
Direct injection into dump tanks, hydro coolers and spray waters on process lines
As a spray treatment for newly harvested crops
As a fog treatment for stored crops
For treatment of nonpotable water systems (wash tanks, dip tanks, drench tanks, evaporators, humidification systems, and/or storage tanks)
As a hard surface disinfectant to eliminate E. coli Salmonella, Listeria, and other human health pathogens

EPA Registered
Reduction of Spoilage Organisms
Extension of Shelf Life
Non Residual - Exempt from
Pesticide Tolerances
Reduced-Risk Chemistry
OMRI listed for organic production

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