- Model CT-2569/201501 - Broiler Colony System



Corrosion-proof plastic flooring flexes beneath the birds for greater comfort.  Openings permit easy manure pass-through to the manure belt below. Chore-Time's MODEL C2® PLUS Shallow Feeder is well-known for easy management and excellent feed conversion. Flood feature helps with starting chicks, and pans can be winched up as birds grow.


  • Chore-Time's STEADI-FLOW® Drinking System provides a reliable flow of water to birds. System can be raised within the compartment using a winching system.
  • Manure removal system eliminates the expense associated with floor litter.
  • Harvest system's proven mechanical unloader transports birds down the row quickly and safely.
  • An LED lighting system with adjustable light intensity is included with the STRATA™ System.
  • Unique application of Environmental Control Systems from Chore-Time regulates temperature and air speed throughout the colony house.
  • Use Chore-Time's CHORE-TRONICS® Controls for total system control and data collection.


  • Compartment capacity is 50 kg/m2 (10.2 lbs/ft2).
  • Maximum row length is 37 sections. 

Available Options

  • Unloading platforms/lifts for crates or containers
  • Motorized inspection trolleys
  • Sliding doors in partitions between compartments
  • E-Z START® Chick Feeder
  • Electronic bird scales
  • PDS™ Control for water line pressure
  • Water control panels, meters and medicators
  • Dimmers for LED lighting system
  • Installation tool kits

Hybrid Unloading System

  • Linear unloading system quickly and efficiently transports broilers from colony compartments to crate loading area for manual transfer to crates.
  • Birds remain indoors during unloading process in conditioned air, protected from the outside environment.
  • Efficiently transports broilers to the end of the row for transfer into crates without added labor for bird catching in the house.
  • Less manual handling preserves better meat quality.
  • At the end of the row, broilers are accumulated in a buffer area for manual transfer into the crates.
  • Empty crates can be taken from the upper supply track, while the filled crates are pushed onto the lower removal track.
  • The hybrid system can be extended with mobile roller conveyors to supply and remove the crates more efficiently.
  • The hybrid crate loading system can easily be converted into a fully automated container system.
  • The hybrid system can be used for multiple houses.

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