Straw Choppers



GTIS TM GRANTECH Straw Choppers, developed by ICK Group, are the important and essential addition to the plants for fuel pellets or briquettes production. GTIS Straw Chopper is designed for chopping dry straw of all kinds (from grain, legumes, rape), corn stems etc., packed in cylindrical bales with diameter no more than 1,5 m and up to 1,5 m long. Being equipped with additional device straw chopper can chop the rectangular bales of sizes 1,2х1,3х2,0 m.


The capacity depends on straw kind, its moisture, screen holes size. The larger holes of the screen and the lower straw moisture, the higher capacity.

Maximum allowable humidity of raw materials up to 35%. The holes in screen are made upon agreement with the customer.
The specialists of ICK Group have developed and proposed 2 principal schemes of operation according to the customer needs:

  • without conveyer for bales feeding;
  • with conveyer for bales feeding.

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