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The Degelman Strawmaster® is the revolutionary machine designed to tackle enormous straw problems. With 26 inch long tines placed in rows of four or five, and set in large ten foot wide by six foot deep sections, this machine is at the forefront of modern straw management. The Strawmaster will shatter straw, control weeds, rake flax straw, and incorporate seed and chemicals.

Keeping it Simple. Minimal moving parts - Minimal Maintenance

The patented spring bar technology is at the heart of every Strawmaster®. The simple torsional spring bar design is unlike other heavy harrows, Strawmaster uses a spring bar system that lets you apply downward pressure to the harrow sections as you need it. These twin spring bars allow in-cab hydraulic control by applying pressure from zero to 1900 pounds per harrow section. If you don’t need pressure, just put it in float.

Four or Five Bar Sections

The tine bar sections are either a four bar section (narrow model Strawmasters) or a five bar section (Strawmaster 7000). Both offer standard 5/8” x 26” straight tines with an optional 9/16” x 26” straight tine also available.

Patented Torsion Technology

Simply rotate the 8' x 8' beam hydraulically and apply more pressure through the spring bars. Strawmaster works the way you want it to.

On The Go Hydraulic Control

Optional hydraulic rephasing cylinders are available that replace our standard gear driven jacks. These cylinders help to synchronize the angle adjustment and provide consistent pressure for every section. (Available for Strawmaster 7000 standard models only)

Ground Contouring

Under float or under pressure, the harrow sections are designed for flexibility. The spring bars are positioned along the sides of the harrow frame providing an even distribution of pressure to the frame. The spring bars can then flex In response to counter pressure from the land contours with each section rising over hills and falling into hollows.

Breaking & Spreading Straw

The primary purpose of the Strawmaster® is to breakup and spread most types of straw residue efficiently. High frequency vibration provides the shattering action for perfect residue control. For most farming practices, speeds of up to 12 m.p.h. can be attained.


The Strawmaster® is quickly becoming the most popular machine for raking flax straw. It can maximize holding capacity by applying pressure through the spring bar control.

Endwheel Levelling Adjustment

The end wheels have been designed with the user in mind. Through a unique parallel linkage, the wheel height is set by a couple of turns of a hand crank. It’s that easy. The optional “Hydraulic Tine Angle Kit” also includes two 2-1/2” x 8” cylinders for hydraulic endwheel adjustment. (Available for Strawmaster 7000 standard models only)

Field Packing

Moderate field packing can be easily achieved by lowering the machine and leaning back the tines.

Trailer Height Levelling

As the angle of the tines is adjusted, the cart and frame should be levelled to correspond. The cart is carried independently by two large 16.5L Softrac II tires and the height is changed by heavy duty ratchets. The optional “Hydraulic Tine Angle Kit” also includes two 3” x 8” cylinders for hydraulic trailer height levelling. (Available for Strawmaster 7000 standard models only)

Chemical & Seed Incorporation

Incorporation is a natural for the Degelman Strawmaster®. By adding a Valmar Granular Applicator, both granular chemicals and seed are evenly distributed. Built in mounts for herbicide applicators are found on the Strawmaster 7000.

Optional Granular Applicator

VALMAR provides an excellent implement mounted Granular Applicator for Herbicides and Seeds. This option can be factory installed by Degelman or purchased and installed seperately. An optional platform is also available for the Strawmaster 7000.

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