Stretch Tie


Stretch-Tie is much like a common bread or garbage bag tie, but is made from expandable plastic and has non-continuous metal so they stretch to accommodate growth of most plant material. Perfect for fast growing sensitive plants!

  • The entire length of the tie stretches, not just the notched portion
  •  Developed by Nursery Professionals
  •  Stretches to prevent girdling
  •  2 Year UV Stable
  •  50-60% faster than hand tying
  •  No machines to lose, break, jam, or buy
  •  Tighter and holds better than machine ties
  •  6' available in tan, clear or green (softer for sensitive plants)
  •  Made in the USA
  •  Patent #7856754

Stretch Tie Saves money compared to other methods!

Hand Tying with Traditional Tie Tape
There are few variables in this comparison, so it is easy to show savings. Several time trials have been performed that show Stretch-Tie has beaten hand-tie crews by over 60%.

Machine Tying (max tapner)
This comparison is more difficult to identify an exact savings because there are many unknown variables. In time trials the speed of application over an entire day of use has been the same. Hidden or unknown costs of using machine to do your tying:

  • Cost of machines / replacement rate
  • Downtime for jammed or broken machines
  • Loss or neglected care of machines by crew
  • Reworking failed fasteners
  • Unsalable product due to failed fasteners
  • Lack of convenience to tie plants when crew is performing other duties
  • Cannot reuse on nearby plant material that is in need

Labor is by far the largest component in the process of tying. By eliminating the removal all together, you save money.

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