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Stringer Industries became the owner and manufacturer of the Bark-King Debarker line in 2011.  Bark-King is the longest lasting debarker head on the market today.

Bark-King Debarker Heads come in four standard sizes:

  • 12” dia. x 12” long x 33 teeth 
  • 12” dia. x 15” long x 42 teeth 
  • 15” dia. x 12” long x 33 teeth 
  • 15” dia. x 16” long x 45 teeth

The carbide teeth can be indexed up to 6 times before teeth need replacing.

The Bark-King Depth Control bearing with guide shoes provides excellent control of the debarking process while saving you money by preserving wood fiber.  It mounts using the same bolt holes as original bearings on most debarkers.

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