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The basis of this technology is to cultivate in a 5-30 cm deep and 10-20 cm wide trail - thus cutting through the remains of dry matter and fertilizing during the same course. In this manner no further process is needed until planting. Strip CAT is manufactured in the USA and distributed by its French representative Sly Agri as well – www.slyfrance.com. Their aim is to generalize this technology in Europe which has become popular in the USA for 15 years. Strip CAT is produced in versions of 4 to 18 rows and with fixed design or folding mount. The distance between the rows can be changed from 50 to 100 cm – under 70 cm a lengthened side clip is needed for separating parts.

Each tillage row is divided to 4 parts:

  1. The first disc harrows open up the dry matter
  2. The cleansing harrows separate the dry matter. It can be mounted or wheeled – this last one is recommended for uneven soil.
  3. With professional adjustment of the legs and the disc harrows next to them a ’V’ shaped even soil structure is obtained. The depth can be modified with the first disc from 5 to 30 cm. The legs are made in 2 sizes and altogether 6 types are produced. The dry or liquid fertilizer can be dosed from a tube behind the leg.
  4. The fourth part breaks clods and thickens the soil for a smooth seed bed which is leveled with the uncultivated soil.

All parts are secured with shock-absorber. Rare upkeep is ensured by the protected bearings. With the variety of the adjusting possibilities it can be adapted to almost any kind of soil - structure, moisture content, depth of dry matter, etc. The cultivator can be equipped with hydraulic release for higher pressure, eg. hard or rocky soil. Corn, rape, beet, turnsole or soybean can be planted to the prepared rows. Cultivation can be done during autumn or spring depending on the soil structure but planting has to be done separately for the 8-10 km/h speed of the cultivator is too high for sowing.

  • The preparation for planting can be made in one course
  • Requires less man-hour
  • Saves fuel
  • Fertilizer is added directly to the seedbed which requires 30-40 % less manure
  • Better yield can be achieved by direct fertilizing
  • Steady sowing and growing made possible by thoroughly prepared rows
  • Stronger roots
  • Better water retentiveness due to the exposure of smaller surface
  • The dry matter amongst rows keeps the soil warm during winter
  • Keeps up soil productivity
  • Saves soil from degradation

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