- Strip Tillage System



Thurston Manufacturing has achieved the ultimate in ease and versatility with it's BLU-JET line of StripTill Systems row units. These highly adjustable row units will fit on a number of BLU-JET mainframes, easily match varying field conditions, and eliminate the maintenance nightmare created by most StripTill implements on the market.

BLU-JET StripTill Systems Row Units can be used on a number of mainframes including 4x6, 6x6, and 7x7 toolbars in 6R30, 8R30, 12R30, 16R30, and 24R30 combinations. Additionally, row unit mountings are available for both BLU-JET Edgebent Shanks and BLU-JET SubTiller Shanks. Contact your local BLU-JET dealer, or call the BLU-JET hotline for details on the combinations that will match your needs.

More adjustment means more ability to produce identical seedbed results in varying field conditions . BLU-JET StripTill Row Units were designed with the understanding that changing field conditions should not mean changed results.

  • Heavy Duty Double 4x6 Folding Toolbars or Double 7x7 SubTiller 4 Frames
  • Super 1200 Cutting Coulters & Residue Managers
  • Tough EdgeBent Shanks with Spring Cushion or AutoReset Mounts
  • Springless SealPro Disc Hillers with choice of blades
  • TorsionMount Seedbed Firming Baskets
  • Row Units attach to many existing BLU-JET mainframes including:
    1. AT5000
    2. CoulterPro
    3. LandRunner II
    4. SubTiller 4
    5. SubTiller II

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