- Tillage Harrow



Prepare a tilled zone and leave valuable residue around it for protection of your tender young crop. Disturb less soil and residue for conservation of water, soil, and organic material, and eliminate wasteful multiple tillage and chemical application passes.

This tool tills planting strips for better crop growing conditions and increased water holding capacity, firms and prepares the seedbed for optimum planting results, and lets you place fertilizer and herbicides at the same time. It easily handles large volumes of crop residue while providing the advantages of combined field operations to reduce field trips. Row unit mounts to 7×7” tool bar. Rugged rear gang is welded from structural tube and may be equipped with virtually any combination of attachments. Extended frame promotes maximum residue and soil flow between tillage components. Tool bars are available in any width (to 60 feet), any row spacing, and in any configuration to meet your needs.

And you can protect your investment against collision damage in rocky soil with optional Auto Reset Linkage.

Now available with Montag Fertilizer System as a customized option from your Bigham dealer!

Gang Operating Features:
  • Welded steel tubing frame for durability.
  • Optimized tool spacing.
  • Extended frame promotes maximum residue and soil flowbetween tillage components.
  • Only three grease zerks per row. Greasing interval is once each operating season.
Parallel Linkage:
  • 1” Diameter Pivot Bolts, not 5/8 or 3/4”
  • Polymer wear bushings keep the linkage assembly tight and never need greasing.
  • U-Bolt Rear Mount clamps give more vertical travel.
  • Wrap-around clamps keep gangs straight and prevent “walking” in side-draft conditions, and moves the gang forward, making the unit easier to lift.
Auto-Reset Linkage
  • Trips the gang in two dimensions when an obstruction is encountered.
  • Spring allows gang to rotate. Coulter amplifies action.
  • Gang resets automatically.
Front Coulter:
  • 1-1/8” Arbor Bolt
  • Two heavy 208 series sealed ball bearings with triple-lip seals in each coulter hub.
  • Choice of rigid or adjustable depth coulter with easy adjusting handle.
  • Optional scrapers
Super Duty Row Cleaner:
  • Heavy duty hubs with two disc bedder bearings stand up to tough soil conditions.
  • New notched discs clear residue in front of the tillage shank.
  • Twisted blades on right- and left-hand discs boost aggressive residue clearing.
Tillage Shank Options:
  • Wide variety of shanks to match your tillage and application requirements, all with fertilizer tubes standard.
  • Mole knives are available with standard wear cap items and optional heavy duty caps and tube protector shins.
  • Heavy optional shanks to meet deeper tillage and application requirements.
Rear Tillage Discs:
  • Choose the disc option that matches your Strip Till preference. Penetrate the tillage zone, close the “shank slot,” create a berm, or use disc bedders to form a bed.
  • Tillage discs are mounted on twisted flat shanks with a positive hexagon angle pitch
  • adjustment feature.
  • Each blade is adjustable vertically and laterally on the tool bar.
Rear Basket:
  • Basket weldment features 1-1/2” shaft and flange bearings with triple lip seals.
  • Seals moisture, breaks up clods and prepares the seedbed.

Available Tool Bars

All tool bars are constructed from double 7×7″ tubing, and available in any length to 60 feet.

  • Rigid
  • Vertical Fold
  • Over Fold
  • Stack Fold
  • Row Spacing
  • Gang Type
  • Height Adjust
  • Row Cleaner
  • Tillage Shank
  • Covering Disc
  • Rear Conditioning Tool
  • Other Options

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