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- Potassium Humate



Raw materials used in production: It must used strong against leonardite plant. Field Crops: (Grain, Maize, Soya Bean, Cotton, Tobacco, Sunflower, Sugar Beet, Feed Crop). Soil (g / Da): 100 - 200 gr seed place or root level,Leaf (g / Da): 25 - 40 gr . Usage Times: Before Seedling: Strong - K may mix with liquid and solid fertilizer. During seedling: It may use seedbed.

Vegetables: (Tomato, Pepper, Aubergine, Cucumber, Bean, Melon, Watermelon, Carrot, Onion, Potato, Strawberry)
Soil (g / da): 250 - 350 gr Seed place or root level,Leaf (g / da): 25 - 40 gr / 100 Lt,Usage times:

  1. Seed baffle: 250 gr / 100 lt, After sink seed root in solution, may plant on soil
  2. During Vegetative Growth: May apply to add drip irrigation or sprinkling irrigation system

Hazelnuts, Green house and Ornamental Plants :

  • Soil (g / da): 150 - 200 gr., Leaf (g / da): 15 - 20 gr ., Usage Times:
  • Every seedling time with drip and spring irrigation systems

Fruit Trees :

  • Soil (g / da): 250 - 300 gr per tree., Leaf (g / da): 25 - 40 gr
  • Usage Times: 3 times of application suggest :1) During bud and blooming,2) Fruit formation,3) Growth period

Seed Cudgeling *Little granular seed,**Large granular seed.
Soil (g / da): * 20 gr / per 100 kg seed,** 15 gr / per 100 kg seed,Leaf (g / da): 25-40 gr
Usage Times: Use the recommended dosage mixed with enough water to wet the seeds

Storage Conditions: Storage area must be 0 - 40 Degrees
Under the recommended storage conditions, It is preserver itself features for 3 years after date of production. It must be kept in a cool and dry place. Keep away from children, food, drink, and pets.

Warning: Keep away from children reach. Keep away from food

Statement: Our company gives guarantee on compund of the Formula and content of the product. Users will be responsible for the damage caused by mis - application or mis - storage of the product.

Technical Information: Application of Strong - K increases fruit efficiency and quality of plant. It provides to keeps plant nutrition elements better and longer on soil. It makes root system to plant. It increase to yield recieve. It makes hard and clay soil soft and conductive. It provides to prevent salt accumulate and makes water and air circulate easier. It increase micro organism activity on soil.

Efficient Usage of Product: It is granula form that may water soluble. It solubled with enough dosage on water (water temperature 25 degrees) and apply solution to soil or may mix with leaf fertilizer and agrochemical or alone. It should be used cool weather. Do not spray over leaves on windy and hot days. Read the label before using.

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