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- Model BL Series - Bulk Trailer


Stronga design and manufacture some of the most advanced and innovative large capacity agricultural tipping trailers available in the market today.
Combining advanced chassis design with professional undercarriages and wide curved bodies enable BulkLoada trailers to offer high performance in the field and on the road.The new generation chassis design offers extra durability and reliability and can be matched to high horsepower fast tractors to really deliver in large scale agricultural operations.

The Bulkloada is a capable and superior performer, with class leading bulk capacities covering the increasing distances from field to store in large modern agricultural operations with ease.

Seven models in the premium range span capacities from 14 to 42 cubic metres all sharing the latest technology in chassis and body design including extensive use of high strength steels to deliver greater payloads at reduced tare

Intelligent design solutions from Stronga help maximise trailer capacities to bring efficiency gains to modern arable farmers including reduced fuel usage per tonne transported, reduced labour and tractor hours.

Useful options enable customers to tailor the trailer specification  to individual  business  requirements so why run ordinary trailers when your next trailer could be a BulkLoada?

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