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- Model HL Series - Hooklift Trailer System


Stronga design and manufacture the HookLoada range of world class hook trailers and ground demountable containers, designed for year round professional use by commercial enterprises and contractors.The concept is that one multi functional hook trailer can handle literally hundreds of applications giving improved efficiency with a year round transport service at lower cost.Changing containers takes less than one minute with the unique ability to pick up fully loaded containers from ground level. The trailers can also perform a wide range of tasks operating as a bulk trailer, vacuum tanker, flat trailer, dump trailer and many more, all by simply changing containers

The economics are clear, why operate and maintain five different trailers when one multi-functional, professional hook trailer with matched containers will give year round service at lower cost?

Greater transport productivity, reliability and performance translate into more profitable business for our customers.

The operational needs of each customer are different but listed below are some benefits that are often delivered using the HookLoada System:

The unique flexibility has enabled the HookLoada system to become a symbol of innovation in Agricultural transportation providing endless opportunities for customers to expand and develop their business.

Stronga continually refine the design meeting customer demands for increased lift and tipping capacities while reducing weight though the use of high strength steels.

Stronga offer customers the whole service by manufacturing specialised containers matched to each hook trailer ensuring optimal performance for the customer.

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