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- Model SL Series - Swap Module System


The SwapLoada system is a natural progression for customers needing to improve transport efficiency and versatility on modern mixed farming enterprises.The concept to use one high specification chassis equipped with a module lift system and multiple task specific modules works extremely well bringing cost efficiency particularly for larger scale operations and contractors.The Stronga SwapLoada demount system makes it possible to quickly, simply and safely demount and mount specialist modules specific to each operation with each module optimised to match the capacity of the chassis.When matched with large modern fast tractors the flexibility of the system results in a cost effective, high output agricultural transport solution.

Four high performance chassis models are available from 5 to 8 metres long fitted with professional undercarriages that define state of the art and minimise maintenance.

Module exchange is easy and can be performed in 10-15 minutes with an excellent range of modules available including bulk tippers, dumpers, Flat modules, vacuum tankers and manure spreaders.

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