- Model 1600 Series - Seed Treater



The STS 1600 Series Seed Treatment System is a convenient, economical, and practical solution for your seed treating needs. Its fully automated On-Demand application, easy lift points for maneuverability, and quick disconnect chemical tank combine to create the best applicator on the market today.

  • Convenient, economical on-site seed treatment
  • Fully automated for on-demand applications
  • Easy lift points for transport maneuverability

The 1600 Series Seed Treater operates with a 120-volt power supply using an on-demand chemical pump. A simple turn of the fluid valve agitates the 30-gallon chemical tank for pre-application preparation. When the chemicals have fully mixed, the agitation valve is closed and the treatment valve is opened. The seed flow control slide-gate is opened and treatment begins at approximately 2,000 units per hour. Designed to operate with RRT or TC2 incline conveyors, full seed coverage is achieved once it leaves the mixing chamber as the grain travels up the conveyor, leaving no need for additional coverage-aid accessories.

Because the Seed Treater operates as an automated On-Demand system, treatment can occur at the time of customer pick-up, rather than weeks in advance. Seed treatment can be done the instant  a customer needs the treated seed eliminating  seed wasted by trying to approximate future consumer requests. Further, if the end-user requests no treatment, seed travels through the system without application by simply turning off the application valve.

The treater is also very maneuverable, allowing for repositioning throughout the season and for storage. Equipped with accessible lift points that are mounted low on the machine, the treater can be easily transported with a forklift in, out, and throughout low overhead warehouses.  The system is also equipped with dry break, quick disconnect couplers for chemical tank and bulk hopper division. The simple separation method allows for easy overnight and off-season storage.

The electronic control system fully automates chemical application. After the slide gate is opened, a sensor in the bulk hopper activates chemical application until the hopper is empty. The treatment is concluded automatically, eliminating chemical waste and the need of an ever-present operator.

Like all Quality Plus products, the Seed Treatment System is handcrafted in the USA, and backed by a full year manufacturer’s limited warranty, an on-call service department, and an extensive network of dealerships throughout the Midwest.

  • 135 cubic feet (135 soybean units) Hopper bin (H 123” x W 76” x D 72”)
  • 30 gallon chemical tank with agitation
  • 120 volt electric on-demand chemical pump system
  • 600-2000 units per hour approximate seed treatment rate

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