- Model 730 - Rotary Mower


Power for Stubble Management, mowing of seeds and green areas.   With the new Stubble Master Spearhead has developed rotary mower for the professional work. The machine is specially developed to meet the high demands of the larger farmers and contractors, the key words are high capacity, low cost and great quality of work.   The Stubble Master series include 2 models; 500 & 730 with respectively 5 and 7.3 m working widths.   The patented blade system, Star Cut, distinguished by a perfect grinding and very low power requirements. With forward speed of up to 15 kilometers per hour, this gives a very high capacity, thereby timeliness, and low operating cost.

With 73 m working width the Stubble Master 730 has a very large capacity. Up to 10 HA per hour with the appropriate size of the tractor is not at all unusual. Here is a maschine that can reach huge areas in one days work, hereby is the wished and exspected timeliness of the workload achieved. Grass seed, rape, corn, grain stubble, cover crops, fallow land or just a cleanup of the headland, after straw piles and the like, only the imagination set the limits for the use of the machine. Great cutting widths of the harvester often complicates spread of chaff and chopped straw - here's the answer Stubble Master 730 too! Stubble Master 730 offers high capacity, efficiency, low cost and perfect work.

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