- Sturgeon Feeds



Starter: Especially formulated for first feeding fry and fingerling. Nearly free of dust and fines which can be detrimental to small fish. High levels of quality fish and animal protein. Utilizes marine oils, beta glucans, pigments and high vitamin levels, including stabilized vitamin C. Available Sizes: #0, #1, #2 & #3 Crumble.

Soft Moist

  • Soft texture combined with high nutrient quality and payability
  • Contains krill and specialized fishmeal
  • Results in high weight gain, excellent food conversion, and improved survival
  • Feed can be stored without refrigeration
  • Ideal for starting species sensitive to feed texture and hardness
  • Available Sizes: Starter, 1/32', 3/64', 1/16', 3/32', 1/8' &  5/32'

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