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- Floating System


The SUBflex system is a single-point mooring, submersible, flexible net cage system. It is extremely user friendly. The technology has proved itself under extreme sea conditions off shore. If necessary, the system can be submersed at considerably high sea conditions by opening a simple valve. The two long pipes, made of high density polyethylene, provide strength and flexibility, and help navigate the construction either for floating or submerging it.

Single point mooring (SPM)

Our product is a single-point mooring system. The SPM generates a circular motion of the system around a single anchor, which is influenced by the currents, and disperses the feces out to an area 1,000 meters in diameter.

Net cages

The SUBflex net cages are custom made, employing a special closed top design, made especially to enable the SUBflex system’s submersion under sea level. The net cage material is varied and dependes on the wild life surrounded. the net cage  treated with organic coating materials that significantly reduce the cages’ fouling.

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