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Submersible Electric pumps have an impeller directly connected to a water-proof electric motor. These pumps have multiple configurations – vertical, horizontal, or any angle in between, canned or enclosed. They are quiet, low profile, and provide for easy maintenance. Submersible Electric pumps are typically used in applications for storm water drainage, flood control, irrigation, and final effluent pumping. Our Submersible Electric pumps are available in sizes ranging from 8″ to 60″ diameter and are available in numerous configurations.

  1. Efficient Drive System: The direct-coupled, waterproof motor and impeller eliminate long shafts and complex drive systems. This greatly simplifies the entire drive train, increasing reliability, and allowing ready access for maintenance.
  2. Stainless Steel: MWI’s submersible pumps come standard with stainless steel motor housings, impellers, and impeller wear rings. Corrosion resistant, high-strength A242/A588 steel is available as a lower cost option, when stainless steel is not required or specified.
  3. Superior Motor Winding Insulation: MWI uses premium insulation on its submersible pump motor stator windings. Several methods, to include Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) when appropriate, are used to provide superior heat transfer, moisture resistance, and mechanical strength.
  4. Moisture and Heat Protection: Double mechanical seals are provided between the motor and the pumped liquid. A pressure compensation device is installed in the mechanical seal oil chamber to limit the oil pressure caused by thermal expansion. Electric motors are air filled and include a moisture detection probe. Thermal sensors are embedded in the motor stator windings for overheating protection.
  5. Pump Lift-Out Option: The submersible pump can be housed in a discharge can which will allow the pump to be easily lifted out for routine maintenance.
  6. Unlimited Angle of Installation: MWI’s submersible pump can be placed at any angle for simple pump station design to reduce civil works costs.
  7. Low Profile Applications: Since MWI’s submersible pump can be placed at any angle, it can be utilized where low profile or aesthetically pleasing applications are required.
  8. Non-Proprietary Bearings and Seals: MWI’s submersible pumps use standard commercially available seals which are less costly than other manufacturers’ proprietary spare parts.
  9. Custom Design: MWI custom designs every submersible electric pump. This optimizes the pump to your application saving you money in installation and operation costs.

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