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- Subsoilers with Seeder Unit


The REHAB subsoiler is available with an option of a seeder unit – ideal for drilling oil seed rape and cover crops. The individual coulters give an accurate sowing depth into a friable seedbed; this provides the ideal soil environment for each seed, ensuring rapid and even germination. Loosening the subsoil promotes a long and strong tap root. The 600mm row spacing and wide bands promote healthy and vigorous plant growth through better light interception. The seeder attachment is easily attached and removed within a few minutes by simply removing 3 hitching pins.

  • Working Width 3m
  • Number of Coulters 5
  • Coulter Spacing 600mm
  • Coulter Working Depth 0-120mm
  • Optimum Working Speed 6-10 km/h
  • Tractor Requirement 150-300hp

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