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Subsurface Drip Irrigation (SDI)



The subsurface drip irrigation (SDI) is a good agronomic option, so much for woody crops (almond tree, vineyard, olive tree, pistachio tree, peach tree, etc.), as in extensive crops (corn, common vetch, barley, alfalfa, etc.). The subsurface drip irrigation allows the application of water and fertilizers to the root system of the plants in a more direct way, which means an important saving of water and fertilizers, together with much more other economic, ecologic and agronomic advantages. 


Specific Emitter
Thousands of hectares around the world are being irrigated with subsurface drip irrigation. Nevertheless, the most suitable kind of emitter is not always used for this kind of system. It is important the emitter joint a serial of essential features to its correct operation:

  • On one side, it must be anti-suction, to avoid the suction of particles through the drippers after the stop of irrigation.
  • On the other side, the emitter must be resistant to clogging and being able to self-clean.

AZUD PREMIER LINE AS fulfills all these characteristics.


SAVING OF WATER. It avoids the lack of water due to surface evaporation and run-off.

SAVING AND IMPROVEMENT IN FERTIGATION. The water and nutrients are applied to the root system in a more direct way, improves the fertilization, especially of minerals which are not very movable in the soil as K and P.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY. This is a general advantage of the drip irrigation systems (compared with other irrigation systems).


Possibility to irrigate with saline or sewage water

In subsurface drip irrigation installations it is possible to use water with less quality to the ones used in other systems:

  • On the one hand, the accumulation of salts in the root area of the plant is reduced due to the lack of evaporation of water from the soil.
  • On the other hand, it is possible the use of treated sewage water because it is not in contact with the surface or the user.


Neither the plant nor the surface is wetted during irrigation, decreasing the presence of weeds, plagues and fungus in the crop.


With this type of irrigation it is obtained a smaller compression of the soil and a better ventilation of the land, improving the structure of the soil profile, facilitating the development of the crops.


EASINESS IN THE WORKING OF LAND.  Thanks to the subsurface drip irrigation systems, we avoid the damages in the system done by insects, rodents and birds. We also protect the system from vandalism and make the working easiest.


The subsurface drip irrigation does not interfere with the visual and aesthetic design of parks and gardens.


In this type of installation it is very important to take into account the design, installation and maintenance criteria.

In the subsurface drip irrigation system exists the doubt of the farmer due to a lack of visual control in the application of water. The continuous supervision of the pressure and flow rate values allows evaluating the performance of the installation and taking the adequate decisions.

Finally, to avoid clogging, the keys are:

  1. A good use and maintenance of the system, by means of the drainage of the installation and application of chemical products.
  2. The use of an emitter designed for that specific use, as AZUD PREMIER LINE AS emitter, self-cleaning, self-pressure compensating and anti-suction, which guarantees the useful life of the system.

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