- Sugar Beet Inter Row Cultivator



Hatzenbichler sugar-beet cultivator for mechnical weed control in row crops. With varible width adjustment range for the base frame. Special Support tube with two- and three Point linkage, and sprung, automatically steerable tapered rollers mounted guide coulters can use for the rear or front mounted. Rigid or hydraulically folding for Transport. Parallelogram with Farmflex wheel, fitted with one bolt on the main frame, therefore row distance easy and infinitely variable. The Parallelogramm for sugar beet work 3 Piece adjustable Vibro tine with sharp, very strong duckfoot Shares in various widths. Easy changeable tool carrier for different crops mounted on the same parallelogram. Each rear mounted machine can easyly be converted with an adapter and used as front mounted. For Protection the plants it´s possible to mount protection plates or discs. The planting protective discs and plates are in equipped the Joint parts with 2 ball bearings.

  • row width from 4 to 18 rows
  • for rear or front attachment
  • Automatic steering including upper link spindle
  • Profiel tube
  • Ball bearings Farmflex tires as depth control each hoe Body
  • 3 sprung Vibration tines with duckfoot Shares (Series150mm) per one Body complete
  • 2 sprung Vibration tines with duckfoot Shares (Series150mm) per one Body half
  • bracket and rubber wheels including by front hoe

Some typical points which characterise the Hatzenbichler inter-row cultivation technology:

  • plant protection discs
  • strong parallelogram and tool carrier, farm-flex wheel for exact depth adjustment
  • s-tines with duck-foot shares
  • adjustable semi-rigid tines (vibro) with duck-foot shares

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