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Sugarcane Harvester


Email: Sugarcane harvesters are machines designed for sugarcane harvesting. There are mainly two kinds of sugarcane harvesters, namely mini sugarcane harvester and sugarcane combine harvester. The sugarcane harvester machine which can not only reduce much labor cost but also harvest sugarcane more efficient are widely used by sugarcane farmers.

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Combine Sugarcane Harvester
This kind of sugar cane combine harvester a multifunctional machine which combines harvester with functions such as picking up fallen cane, cutting, chopping, transmitting, leaves stripping, separating cane and leaf, etc. The machine is more suitable to the large sugar cane farms. According to different harvest method sugar cane combine harvester can be divided into sugarcane harvester for segments harvesting and sugarcane harvester for whole stalk harvesting.

Mini Sugarcane Harvester
Mini sugarcane harvester usually is self-propel sugarcane harvester or connected with tractors. It has functions of picking up fallen sugarcane, cutting and paving the stalk. Mini sugarcane harvester can adapt to different land forms.

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