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Sukup Manufacturing Company has come a long way from its start in a welding shop in 1963. The company now has over 450,000 square feet of manufacturing space filled with the most advanced metal fabricating equipment. This equipment is used to manufacture a full line of equipment for in-bin drying and storage, in addition to dryers and farm and commercial grain bins.

Sukup is dedicated to quality and providing its customers with exceptional value. One way they maintain the excellent quality of their equipment is by manufacturing as many of the individual components as possible in-house. When Sukup made the move into manufacturing grain bins, it invested in the most advanced roll-forming equipment available, built to their exacting standards. This equipment takes Sukup grain bins from flat steel to finished product quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, accurately. Sukup also offers a 5 year limited warranty on all of their bins. What does this mean to you? It means your Sukup Bin will go together quickly and easily and will stand strong for years to come.


Sukup offers a full line of bins to meet the needs of virtually any grain operation. Use the chart below to help you select the right type of storage system that will work for you and your farming operation. Or contact one of our knowledgeable sales representatives to assist you in developing the ideal system to meet your specific needs.


  • Farm bins available in 15'– 48' diameter, 3-10 rings
  • Sukup's advanced production equipment ensures accurate placement of the bolt holes in the sidewall sheets, so Sukup Bins go together quickly and seal up tight
  • Sukup bins were the first with a 5,000 lb. roof standard. They feature precision-engineered, 4' wide corrugated, high-strength- 50,000 psi yield strength, 65,000 psi tensile strength - galvanized steel sidewall sheets to provide better vertical load carrying capacity
  • Innovative features on every farm bin including large manhole opening, two piece anchor brackets, and hammer head door handles
  • Designed to handle stir drying with three or fewer down auger stirring machines


  • Farm stiffened bins available in 15’ – 48’ diameter, 5 – 12 rings
  • Adding stiffeners to a bin allows the use of lighter gauge sidewall sheets, without sacrificing structural strength, making a stiffened bin an economical choice
  • Stiffened bins provide excellent stability against grain and wind. In addition, stiffeners transfer roof loads directly to the foundation, creating a smaller load on the sidewall sheets
  • Designed to handle stir drying with three or fewer down auger stirring machines


  • Heavy gauge farm bins available in 18' – 48' diameter, 5-6 rings
  • Heavy gauge farm stiffened bins available 18' – 48' diameter, 5-7 rings
  • Designed for the demands of the in-bin continuous flow drying systems (stir machine with four or more down augers, a horizontal, bottom unload system, a top dry system, or a recirculator with a center, vertical unload)


Sukup offers Medium-Duty and Heavy-Duty Hopper Bins. The designs of both are among the strongest in the industry, with wide corrugations, extra-strong stiffeners, and heavy-gauge hopper panels.

Medium-Duty Hopper Bins:

  • 15' – 21' diameter, 3-6 rings
  • Ideal for use as a wet holding tank to feed your Sukup Grain Dryer
  • May be used to store cool, dry grain for an extended period of time

Heavy-Duty Hopper Bins:

  • Sukup Hopper Bottom Bins are designed to hold free-flowing grains up to 52 lb/ft³, with an unload rate of 9000 bu/hr
  • May be mounted on over-head super structures for loading of semi's or train cars
  • May be used as a working bin
  • Can be used to store cool, dry grain for an extended period of time


Sukup storage tanks were computer-designed and analyzed with strength and reliability in mind, resulting in the most advanced bin in the world

  • Sukup has so much confidence in the quality of their Commercial Tanks that they offer a 5-Year Limited Warranty. Most other companies don’t even come close to that.
  • Commercial tanks available in 36’ – 105’ diameter, 9-24 rings (choice of 5,000, 15,000, or 30,000 lb roof peak load)
  • 135’ free span commercial bin with 1.2 million bushels of storage (available up to 24 rings or a peak height of 131’ tall)

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