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Sukup Bins were the first with a 5000 lb. roof standard. They feature precision-engineered, 4” wide corrugated, high-strength - 50,000 psi yield strength, 70,000 psi tensile strength - galvanized steel sidewall sheets to provide better vertical load carrying capacity.

Farm Storage Bins

  • Sukup Farm Bins are available in sizes from 15’ diameter, 3-rings to 60’ diameter, 12-rings. 
  • Farm bin capacities up to 118,000 bu.
  • 5-Year limited warranty.
  • Sukup has designed our 15’ - 48’ diameter bins with a peak load rating of 5000 lbs.*
  • 3” ribs serve as rafters for the roof structure, strengthening the sheets.  
  • Roof rings are standard on all Sukup Bins 18’ and larger.
  • The patented roof ring bracket with u-bolt adds strength and rigidity to the roof. (Patent # 7,654,048)
  • Double-tab roof clips support roof sheets every 9-3/8” at the eave.
  • The large manhole on Sukup Bins measures 20” x 35.5”. When open, the door lays flat against the roof, eliminating the mess of water and soggy beeswings.
  • Exclusive (patent pending) poly roof vents are virtually indestructible and feature a debris deflector to prevent fines and dirt from accumulating on the upper side of the vent and causing corrosion of the roof sheet. Poly roof vents are covered by a 5-year limited warranty.
  • Patented Sukup anchor brackets are 22” high to extend above the plenum area, which reduces the stresses caused by vertical loads on the sidewall sheets at the bottom ring. (Patent #6,941,712)
  • All bolts on a Sukup Grain Bin are SAE Grade 8.2 (the highest in the industry) with JS 500 plating for ultimate corrosion protection.

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