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- Dual Fan & Heater Grain Dryers


Sukup Dual Fan and Heater Grain Dryers allow you the choice of full-heat drying or heat/cool drying. Both methods are performed efficiently and economically by Sukup Grain Dryers.

  • Upper and lower fans/heaters are controlled individually for greater operator flexibility.
  • A split plenum Grain dryer allows for a larger dryer to be run on single-phase power.
  • Plenum divider is standard on all Sukup Dual Fan and Heater Grain Dryers.
  • The plenum temperature read-out allows you to monitor both upper and lower plenum temperatures.
  • The 50/50 plenum split dryers are best suited to full-heat drying or heat/cool where discharged grain must be near ambient temperature.
  • 50/50 dryers are available in 20’ and 24’ sizes.
  • Sukup 2/3 – 1/3 Dryers can operate in full heat mode, where grain is dumped hot into a cooling bin or heat/cool mode, where the bottom 1/3 of the dryer is used as a cooling chamber and discharged grain is approximately 20-30° above ambient.
  • 2/3 – 1/3 dryers are available in 16’, 20’, 24’ or 28’ units.
  • Proven 1750 RPM Sukup Fans and Heaters supply the air and heat needed to make our dryers effective.
  • Sukup Fans and Heaters are well-known within the agricultural industry for their high airflow, efficient operation and excellent quality.
  • 1750 RPM fans operate quietly as compared to 3500 RPM fans.
  • Extensive testing has produced a heater that burns with an intense flame, allowing complete, clean combustion. The starfire-type burner provides the critical gas and air mixture needed for higher efficiency and even heat distribution.
  • Sukup exclusive two-way adjustable vaporizer allows operation over a wider range of outside temperatures.
  • Sukup’s exclusive, patented Quad Metering Roll System reduces over-drying, minimizes grain damage, and maintains grain quality.
  • Unload auger is suspended by hanger bearings to eliminate pinch points and grain damage.
  • Unload auger clean-out doors feature cam-lock handles for easy opening and closing.
  • Easy-to-handle, single-latch clean-out doors on outside of dryer allow fast column unloading and access to metering rolls.
  • Interior clean-out doors allow access to the top metering rolls.
  • 44” x 12” plenum access doors feature push button latches for easy access to the unload auger.
  • Sensor in the discharge tube measures the actual moisture content of outgoing grain for much more accurate results.
  • Your Sukup Grain Dryer is personalized with the name of your farm.
  • Sensor in the wet holding bin monitors grain level to control fill operations.
  • 14” grain columns feature perforated, galvanized screens standard. Stainless steel screens are optional.
  • Work light improves visibility and safety in poorly lit areas. It also serves as a “system on” indicator.
  • Air and Heat for Sukup Grain Dryers are supplied by Sukup Axial Fans and Heaters – third party certified to be the best on the market.
  • Easy-to-use computerized controls guide you through dryer operation. Control box case is weather-tight and lockable.
  • Optional control box stand allows remote location of the dryer controls. A 25’ umbilical cord is standard. Additional lengths are available at time of purchase.

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