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Sukup was the first company to make true moisture sensing standard on grain dryers. Sampling the grain moisture, rather than grain temperature, gives a more accurate measure of drying progress, and results in more consistent final moisture content. Moisture content information is collected from the sensor located in the discharge tube and critical adjustments are made to the metering roll speeds in order to maintain your desired discharge moisture content. Metering roll speed is adjusted based upon a three-minute average of the moisture content to ensure better moisture control.

  • Proven 1750 RPM Sukup Fans and Heaters supply the air and heat needed to make our dryers effective.
  • Sukup Fans and Heaters are well-known within the agricultural industry for their high airflow, efficient operation and excellent quality.
  • 1750 RPM fans operate quietly as compared to 3500 RPM fans.
  • Extensive testing has produced a heater that burns with an intense flame, allowing complete, clean combustion. The starfire-type burner provides the critical gas and air mixture needed for higher efficiency and even heat distribution.
  • Sukup exclusive two-way adjustable vaporizer allows operation over a wider range of outside temperatures.
  • Sukup’s exclusive, patented Quad Metering Roll System reduces over-drying, minimizes grain damage, and maintains grain quality.
  • Unload auger is suspended by hanger bearings to eliminate pinch points and grain damage.
  • Unload auger clean-out doors feature cam-lock handles for easy opening and closing.
  • Easy-to-handle, single-latch clean-out doors on outside of dryer allow fast column unloading and access to metering rolls.
  • Interior clean-out doors allow access to the top metering rolls.
  • 44” x 12” plenum access doors allow for easy access to the unload auger.
  • Sensor in the discharge tube measures the actual moisture content of outgoing grain for much more accurate results.
  • Your Sukup Grain Dryer is personalized with the name of your farm.
  • Sensor in the wet holding bin monitors grain level to control fill operations.
  • 14” grain columns feature perforated, galvanized screens standard. Stainless steel screens are optional. Work light improves visibility and safety in poorly lit areas. It also serves as a “system on” indicator.
  • Air and Heat for Sukup Grain Dryers are supplied by Sukup Axial Fans and Heaters – the best on the market.
  • Easy-to-use computerized controls guide you through dryer operation. Control box case is weather-tight and lockable.
  • Optional control box stand allows remote location of the dryer controls. A 25’ umbilical cord is standard. Additional lengths are available at time of purchase.

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