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Sukup grain dryers produce consistent moisture content. In traditional grain dryers (with only one metering roll per side) the inner layers are over-dried and the outer layers are under-dried. This means a great deal of blending occurs. It also means that the kernels on the inside are much hotter. This intense heat can result in stress cracks and lower quality grain. Sukup grain dryers can reduce this moisture variation and maintain grain quality without blocking airflow or creating spots for debris to accumulate. The patented Quad Metering Roll System, standard on Sukup grain dryers means that you no longer have to sacrifice grain quality for speed.

By using two metering rolls in each dryer column, grain is pulled down the columns at different speeds. The inner, hotter layer of grain is pulled down the column faster than the outer, cooler layer. Metering roll speed varies depending upon the actual moisture content of the discharged grain. The process produces more even moisture content in the dried grain, minimizes damage, and maintains higher test weights and overall quality.

Grain Dryers with Advanced Controls

  • Step-by-step instructions lead you through all keypad functions.
  • A large, 4-line LCD read-out means you can read the instructions and monitor the plenum temperature without a magnifying glass.
  • The keypad is contoured and large enough to use while wearing gloves.
  • Advanced self-diagnostics tell you when there is a problem and suggests corrections.
  • The standard printer records important operation data.
  • As an option, the control box can be remotely located.
  • Optional monitoring and some operational control of your grain dryer from a personal computer or laptop is also available.


The computerized controls were designed to eliminate around-the-clock monitoring and increase productivity and efficiency. The Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) on the controller supplies constant output information and the printer provides a permanent record of important performance data. Integrated self-diagnostics make trouble-shooting a breeze.

Automatic Moisture Content Control is Standard

Sampling the grain moisture, rather than grain temperature, gives a more accurate measure of drying progress, and results in more consistent final moisture content. Moisture content information is collected from the sensor located in the discharge tube and critical adjustments are made to the metering roll speeds in order to maintain your desired discharge moisture content.

Continuous Flow or Batch Mode

While most operators use continuous flow, there are a few who prefer to run in batch mode. For those people an AutoBatch program has been incorporated into the computerized controls. The AutoBatch program allows you to perform heat/cool operations with a single fan unit. This can be beneficial in situations where the dried grain is being transferred to a bin without a full floor.

Proven Performance

Sukup fans and heaters are well known within the agricultural industry for their high airflow, efficient operation and excellent quality.

Dryer Heaters Produce Efficient, Even Heat

Extensive testing has produced a starfire-type burner that provides critical gas and air mixture for higher efficiency and even heat distribution. Sukup's exclusive two-way adjustable vaporizer allows operation over a wider range of outside temperatures.

Easy Adjustments and Flexibility

Electronic modulating valve heater control provides computer-controlled gas flow to the burner to maintain the plenum temperature you select. Plenum temperature can be easily adjusted from the control box. It also allows greater flexibility for drying a wider range of incoming grain moisture levels.

Power Distribution Box

  • The power distribution box is galvanized and sealed.
  • All electrical components are protected against transient voltage, spikes and surges.
  • A main circuit breaker disconnect is standard for safe installation and service of the unit.
  • A large safety stop button on the outside of the control box allows for immediate shut-down in emergency situations.

Easy Access

Large 4' interior doors (right) allow quick and easy access to the unload auger and metering rolls. Large door (below) allows easy clean-out of the plenum area.
A slide-out door on each column allows easy, convenient access to the upper metering rolls.

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